You are not the contents of your wallet.


I normally don’t concern myself with political matters, ever since I was very young I saw the absurdity of it.  A popularity game.  This puppet versus that puppet.  I’ve been eligible to vote for about 12 years now, and have never voted for anything in my life.  “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”  Some might say I’m “part of the problem,” and maybe they are right.  But what got us to this point?  What brought about such apathy in me?  I look around at the American society today and it makes me sick.  Commercialism and material excess, consumerism, vanity and greed.  This disgusting fixation with the celebrity status.  American’s want more, and they want it now; but they don’t want to work for it.  It’s absolutely repugnant, but no one seems to realize it.

I walk through the malls, and I look at the prices of designer jeans; and I get a knot in my stomach.  The fact that people pay this kind of outrageous money for junk is what the capitalist thugs feed on.  We have only ourselves to blame at this point, but again; no one seems to care.  Wake up people!  It makes me just want to grab the whole of society and shake it really fucking hard.  These things do not matter.  They are meaningless, in fact they are beyond meaningless.  Has everyone forgotten what life is?  And that we have only one to live.

Life is about experiences and adventures, not how much stuff you have.  So many people have forgotten this, and now I wonder, are these people really living?  Or just simply existing.  This is what living looks like, in case you’ve forgotten. I just wish more people would realize this.

There’s only so much I can do on my own, I never buy designer anything, I shop locally as much as I can.  I would simply to prefer to spend my money on things that truly enhance my life, instead of a flashy t-shirt or a pair of pants.  If these things are more important to you than living, then you have some serious problems and I feel so sorry for you.  Chuck all that crap to the curb, and go on a trip.  Go see another country, go see what goes on in other parts of the world.  I imagine your outlook on fancy things will change when you see what life is like in a small African village.  Do whatever you want to do, but please, stop existing, and start living.